what is the hipaa and phi?

The HIPAA it is a law enacted in 1996, which attempts to improve the flow of medical care and the security of confidential patient information.

The PHI is the abbreviated form of Personal Health Information, we offer an electronic solution so that this PHI is completed from the comfort and security of home.

Take your business digital

Digitize your patients' information, so you can have secure access at all times.

cloud computing

Avoid using paper

By having your customers' information in digital, you avoid unnecessary expenses and take care of the environment.


get how it works?

We integrate user-friendly electronic HIPAA Complaint E-Forms into your website for your patients to fill out in from the comfort and safety of their home via computer, mobile or tablet.


After a review of your current software and hardware we make appropriate recommendations on what is the best upgrade your system needs that will provide you with optimal results.

Your company and clients can be rest assured that their confidential information is secure and safe since we utilize the highest security standards that uphold HIPPA Regulations.


how does this improve your business?


Increase your employee’s turnaround times and productivity


Focus more on your patients and less time on “busy work”

no problems

Create seamless and less stressful doctor’s visit experience

less time

Reduce patients time spent at the office in the waiting room

increase patient

Increase patient confidence by making your patients feel safer. Reduced times around others in the waiting room will lessen their risk of contracting covid-19, variants or other contagious illnesses

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We have over 10 years of experience in Healthcare, Banking IT support among other Tech companies such as IBM and Epicor.

We have successfully sustained clients throughout the years with our outstanding service that involves IT support and software development including AZURE Certifications, AWS, and HIPAA integration.


The following are a list of some of the clients we have assisted over the years and have formed great working relationships. You are welcome to request references from our clients.

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Carlos J Mansilla,

Electrical Engineer SUNY New Paltz

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National University of Engineering - Peru

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